Do you wish to improve your salon’s efficiency and work-time management? Discover the online scheduling software profits!

Posted on 12/02/2018 4:23pm

Productive time management is – additionally to the value of services provided - the basis of every lucrative beauty salon and one of the major challenges which has to confront anyone who decides to open it.

Customer care, telephone pickup, collaboration with coworkers, alertness, marketing activities... A spreading index of tasks does not make this job any simpler. However, there are modern tools that can spare you a lot of precious time.

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Author: Praktiker

The online scheduling software can be a sort of your unique virtual secretary. It has various advantages: it knows by heart the schedule of your business, knows your pricelist, and also works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. While employing it, you no longer will care about the deficiency of time to receive phone calls from clients or to call them to verify forthcoming arrangements. The software will do it for you. It also will let customers to make arrangements rapidly and handily (even after office working hours!), and remind them of upcoming arrangements, with the help of automatically sent e-mail messages. Furthermore, maintaining communication with your customers can be troublesome if you use many various instruments. Nevertheless, if you apply the general salon software, the matter gets immensely clear. All the indispensable actions are accessible right away. One of them is a extraordinary tool for automatic advertising.

You can find an assortment of thoughtfully formulated promotional messages that - automatically dispatched by the system at the perfect time - will remember your customers of your existence and inspire them to come back to your thresholds.

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